IMBOLD NATIV – Gastronomy festival in the picturesque Viscri – Saschiz – Criț – Meșendorf region

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Between 3 and 7 July, the Imbold Cultural Association awaits you at Imbold Nativ, a gastronomic festival in the village, which will take place inside restored households in the villages of Viscri, Saschiz, Meşendorf, Criţ in Transylvania.

Together with local producers, from Wednesday to Sunday, we invite you to a guided gourmet tour where tasting local crawfish cheeses and wines from the Tarnavelor area, sweets and Chutney from the Grandmother’s Basin in Saschiz, local gin and handmade beer from Viscri and Saschiz, matured cheese from milk of Bălţata Românească from Meşendorf, Saxon furnace liquefaction workshop in Viscri and pottery cooking workshops in Saschiz, Viscri and Criţ, but also tasting sessions, picnic in orchard, brunch in the village, jazz in nature, Slow Food market, cooking workshops and visits to local craftsmen.

The festival is the first gastronomic event coordinated simultaneously by the Imbold Association in the four villages and implemented by members of local communities. The main objective is to discover and promote local gastronomy as a form of immaterial heritage, a local and national identity and a catalyst for sustainable tourism.

The opening of the festival will take place on Wednesday, July 3rd, in the Scriptures of Viscri 32 with the Teracota Mediaş opening – handcrafted and hand-painted caches at the last terracotta factory in Romania. On Thursday, the festival continues in Viscri with a Transylvanian picnic in a house restored by Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation and a Saxon kiln liquefaction workshop.

On Friday, the festival will be moved to Meesendorf at a hunting lunch on Saturday in Saschiz village at a garden brunch cooked by three young couples in Saschiz.

Imbold Nativ will end with a picnic cooked by two families in the community and an organ concert at the Fortified Church in Criz.

The festival will have a Slow Food Market in each village with syrups, jams, vegetables, local fruit. Imbold Nativ will include a musical component: on July 4th and 5th, jazz in the orchard of Viscri and Meşendorf, with Dov Meraki: Andra Maria – voice, Adrian Neacşu – bass, moog, effects feat., Sergiu Chirileasă – piano, Gabi Matei – drums.

The complete program can be found at, reservations here.

Some of the secrets of the Transylvanian gastronomy will be printed in a recipe book by Oana Coantă from Slow Food Country of Bars / Bistro de l’Arte, Mara Oana from Viscri 32 – Blue House and White Barn Restaurant, Melinda Teohari, Mother Gerda from Viscri 22, Tanti Vio from Viscri 125, chef Horia Şimon from Transylvan Gastronomic Club, chef Ioan Bebeşelea – Slow Food Sibiu and Daniel Joa chef. The book will be illustrated by the artist Andrei Argaetic and will contain references to archaic plants used in the past in the Transylvanian cuisine – a material signed by Mona Petre from the Herbs Forgotten.

Imbold Nativ is a project co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration, organized by the Imbold Cultural Association and Viscri 32, with the support of My Transylvania Association, Experience Transylvania, Slow Food Viscri.

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