International literature festival toes the line in Timisoara


The fifth edition of the Timisoara International Literature Festival “Western East/Eastern West” (FILTM) is ready to toe the line tomorrow, October 28, bringing high-sounding names of the contemporary literature in the city on the bank of Bega River. The festival will also host readings from all known novels as, a first in Romania. The event ends on October 28.

Ludmila Ulițkaia, one of the most important and praised voices of the contemporary literature, a true moral authority in Russia, will read from her latest book, in premiere, in Timisoara. „Imago” novel, translated in Romanian by Gabriela Russo, has been recently released at Humanitas publishing house. A great novel about love, destinies and characters, Imago is covering over half century of history, from Stalin’s Pharaoh-like funerals until the death of the exiled poet Iosif Brodski.

Spanish writer Clara Usón will read from her famous novel, „The Daughter from the East”, whose Romanian edition is to be released this autumn at Polirom publishing house, translated by Mariana Sipos.

An international bestseller, which brought the author numerous prestigious literary awards, is said to be one of the strongest novels dedicated to the Balkans published in the past years. It’s a book revealing the atrocities of the war, while focusing on the danger of nationalism. The novel tells the tragic story of Ana Mladić, the daughter of Serbian general Ratko Mladić, the chief commander of Srpska Republic during the war with Bosnia. Ana is a child who adulates her father until the age of 23, when she finds out about his father’s atrocities and kills herself.

Other readings will be performed by the invited foreign poets: Macedonian poet Nikola Madzirov, or the Croatian poet Delimir Rešicki.

Romanian writer Marius Chivu will also read an excerpt for the first time, from his latest book, „Three weeks in the Andes”, a volume under way at Humanitas publishing house. Poet Adrian Bodnaru from Timisoara will read from his book „A full summer or several in a row”.

The 5th edition of FILTM will bring famous authors from France, Russia, Croatia, Macedonia Republic, Spain, Serbia, Ukraine and Romania.

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