International Voices Project Virtual Festival in Chicago to include Romanian play by Matei Visniec “Decomposed Theatre”

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The 11th Annual International Voices Project (IVP) festival,  comprising free festival highlights plays from around the world with readings by local companies based in Chicago it will be 100% virtual this year, for the first time in its history.

Moreover, the 2020 edition’s line up includes works from many countries, including Romania on September 30.

“Decomposed Theatre,” written by Matei Visniec, is described as “Imagine the fragments of a shattered mirror. Once upon a time, the mirror was perfectly whole, it reflected the heavens, the world, the souls of us all. And then it shattered, no one knows when, why, or how. What we do know is that we probably have all of its parts, and that they still hold the spirit and atmosphere of the original whole. The challenge before us now is to reconstruct that original. But beware that this may prove to be impossible, because no one has ever seen the mirror in its complete state, no one even knows what it looked like. Maybe even a shard or two are missing . . . Still, it promises to be a fascinating journey because each time we impose an order on the pieces, we create something, a mirror that reflects so many surprises despite its imperfections.”

The performance of this play is being streamed virtually, so it is accessible to domestic and international audiences alike.

The full line-up is available here.

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