Irina Rimes, promoter of Brâncuși Day


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Moldovan singer Irina Rimes has been chosen to promote the events included in the Brâncuși Day campaign, occasioned by the 144th anniversary of great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

The move stirred a lot of controversies in the public opinion, with some slamming the initiative and the artist chosen for this and others jumping to her defence.

The Culture Ministry explained that they had chosen Irina Rimes as promoter due to her stronger influence amid the young generation, arguing they would have risked a failed campaign if the choice had been a public figure that was not on the same page with the youth.

Brâncuși belongs to all of us and we are glad that, together with the National Museum of Art , can take people, especially the younger ones, closer to this national symbol (…) Culture minister Bogdan Gheorghiu would like all of us to be more open to the new generations, to take steps to bring them closer to culture”, reads a ministry’s press release.

The Culture ministry further say that Irina Rimes has accepted to be the promoter of the event, as a volunteer.

We thank her for her accept and we would like that in the future such grand events should benefit of a proper promotion among younger generations.

We want to be more open, to lure, without prejudices, people from all age, social and professional groups. We want to change the way of communication with youngsters, to use other channels to promote culture, other than the classic ones”.

In his turn, Culture minister explained that if every cultural event were promoted only in the academic area, on niche channels, the gap between generations would become deeper. “Culture must not address only to some niches or consumed only by elites. So, we got involved representatives of different environments to join this promotion campaign for Brancusi Day”, the minister argued, adding that they had reached their purpose as everybody is talking now about the Brancusi event.

“We want the youth to become interested and lured by culture, to become consumers of cultural products. We want to collaborate with the youth’s models who benefit of their confidence and sympathy. Today, the online is the main channel for communication and we must adapt to the present time. Irina’s role is to invite youngsters to know Brancusi better,” the minister concluded.

Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi (Romanian, born February 19, 1876–died March 6, 1957) was born in the village of Hobita, Romania. Brancusi studied art in his native country as a youth, before leaving for Paris in 1904 to continue his education at the École des Beaux-Arts.

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