Is it Monday or Tuesday? Let’s see a movie at the Czech Centre!

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As the fall is well settled in, the Czech Centre in Bucharest kicks off a new edition of Documentary Mondays and Fiction Tuesday series of events, with a selection of six documentaries and six Czech movies that tackle various topics from the split of the continent during the Cold War to the emergence of artificial intelligence in the people’s lives.

The film screenings will start with Cyborgs Among Us documentary on October 29, 8 p.m. Fiction Tuesday proposes Accumulator 1 on October 30, at 8 p.m. Free access for both screenings.

The films talk about the influence of technology on the human being.

The plot of Cyborg Among Us is as simple as groundbreaking: technology is so advanced and has got so much into people’s lives that electronic devices end up being implanted in the people’s bodies in order to improve their abilities.

Fiction Tuesday’s first choice, Accumulator 1 was awarded at the Film festivals in Venice and Tromsø. This satirical story talks about TV sets that can absorb the vital force of any living thing. How is Olda, the star of the movie, going to manage while suffering from an acute lethargy after being interviewed on the street.

If Cyborgs among us seems to begin as a mockumentary, Accumulator 1 is described by critics as modern fairy tale with New Age spiritualism accents, while father-son directors, Jan Sverák and  Zdenek Sverák manage to create one of the best Czech recent films.

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