Jazz Virtuoso Luca Aletta Composes EUROPAfest Anthem


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The EUROPAfest International Festival returns from July 5 to 14 with artists from 20 countries. The event presents something new every year, whether it is a new program in the agenda or the invited artists. In 2024, the organizers decided to change the music logo of the festival after more than 20 years in which the “EUROPEFest Anthem” brought joy and built memories in the souls of Bucharest.

The proposal came from the Italian composer and pianist Luca Aletta, a well-known name in the jazz scene, multiple laureate at important international events: Swiss International Music Competition – Lugano, Switzerland, The Rising Stars Grand Prix – Berlin, Germany, DC Jazz Prix 2023 – Washington DC, USA, “Best Performance” award at Dexter Jazz Contest 2023 – Bari, Italy.

The audience has the opportunity to listen for the first time to the complete piece performed by Luca Aletta at the Opening Gala Concert – Jazz at the Palace, on July 5, at the Auditorium Hall of MNAR / Royal Palace.

The acceptance of the song “Treee” as the musical logo of the EUROPAfest festival came naturally, the composition perfectly reflecting the spirit and diversity of the festival.

Luca Aletta

Like a tree with deep roots and outstretched branches, “Treee” embodies growth, interconnectedness and continuous evolution. With rich harmonies, this creation is an invitation to exploration and discovery. “Treee” is a musical meditation on the connection between man and nature, a composition that invites the listener to lose himself and find himself in its sound depths, offering a deep and evocative auditory experience. Luca Aletta, revealed to us that the piece begins with soft tones and develop into a symphony of sounds that interweave jazz’s past with modern visions. Each section of the piece is like a new branch, adding depth and complexity, while refined improvisations bring a sense of freshness and vitality. is not just a jazz piece, but an ode to nature, a dialogue between man and his environment, capturing the essence and rhythm of life. The listener is invited to explore this musical creation like a traveler lost in an enchanted forest, always discovering new details and emotions.

Luigi Gageos, the director of EUROPAfest stated: “I am deeply impressed that one of the most acclaimed composers and pianists of contemporary jazz has created a piece especially for EUROPAfest. Luca Aletta, together with his band, won the Best Band award at the 2022 edition, remaining attached to the values ​​of the festival. He wanted to symbolically capture the world of the festival, the multiculturalism, the artistic and human wealth he discovered at EUROPAfest, the connections and synergies born here.

The song “Treee” by Luca Aletta is a masterpiece of contemporary jazz, full of emotion and imagination, which urges you to stop and enjoy the subtle beauty of the world around you. I invite you to enjoy his unique style and innovative approach, which will bring a distinct note to the JAZZ AT THE PALACE opening concert. I am sure that “Treee” will become an auditory symbol that will resonate in the hearts of EUROPAfest participants and lovers.

Tickets and subscriptions can be purchased from iabilet.ro and in the network of Flanco stores.

Since 2005, EUROPAfest has been held under the High Patronage of Her Majesty Margareta and His Royal Highness Prince Radu, and since 2015 it has been an EFFE – Europe’s Finest Festivals festival. EUROPAfest is a cultural project co-financed by the Ministry of Culture.

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