Josué Joseph, special guest of History of a lost Love Dance Festival

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Josué Joseph, the creator of La Época concept, is coming to Bucharest, as special guest of History of a lost Love Dance Festival to take place on November 21 to 23. The American composer will be accompanied by his partner, Sara Krawczyk, actress, model and dance instructor of Polish origins.

DC Salsa-Grammy awards’ winner, producer and artist, film director, international instructor and public speaker, Josué Joseph is renowned for creating musicality lessons under La Época shape – “Musicality Online Privates.”

“Musicality-&-Clave” and “Recognize-the-Rhythms” are two of the courses renowned worldwide. La Época also includes a collection of movies, music and lessons on Mambo history and Salsa, in which Josué Joseph is focusing on understanding the rhythms of Latino music and scores traditional Latin music rules.

The two artists have created a real brand, La Época, known in the international dancers’ community and accessible to all contemporary dancers.

During History of a lost Love Dance Festival, Josué Joseph will present La Época award-winning productions, will organize special workshops on musicality, will offer master classes for dancers, lessons dedicated to children, shows and will participate to exciting theme parties.

The event will take place at Marcon~Calise, 140 A Constantin Noica St. in Bucharest.

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