Journey to the centre of the human brain

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The second film screened within Documentary Mondays this spring, On the Trail of Evil documentary is due at the Czech Center in Bucharest on Monday, April 23, at 8 p.m. There will also be a debate with anthropologist Radu Umbres.

Has the brain of psycho people something different, or any human being has the capacity if being evil? What happens in our minds, when we decide to do harm or not?

They are charming, they are unscrupulously lying and are able to manipulate the people around them. People suffering of psychopathy can kill or rape with no regrets and can still seem the nicest people in the world. What happens in their minds? This question, which also troubles neurologists and psychiatrists, is the topic of the film.

Evil is fascinating us, as we can see many examples in cinema, art or literature. It seems to lack ethics and justice. Centuries ago, the forensic doctors tried to open the human brain to find mre about the brain’s mysteries. Nowadays, performing devices allow us to scan the encephalon to observe the processes inside of it.

The documentary presents experts who expose their theories, examinations and results starting from the question: how can apparently normal people become remorseless killers?

After the screening, Radu Umbres, anthropolgy lecturer professor at SNSPA, will host a discussion on this topic. He is the author of a book about entrepreneurship and migration in rural Romania, and he is currently working on a book about trust and distrust in a village in Romania, to be released Oxford University Press.

Entrance is free.

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