July 2015 Monthly Horoscope

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Aries Horoscope

There is a lot of ambitions for developing your career or other fields that can influence your social status, but there is also a lot of feelings proving certain insecurities that might bring worries about the material safety and the emotional stability. For some of you, the career ambitions can conflict with the family life and this are to become very disturbing in case that some members of your family don’t support you for the eventual needed changes. Read the full report on the original source

Taurus Horoscope

The important thing seems to be the balance between the determination for making your point and the empathy you put into communication. Some problems might appear in case your ambition favours sentimental manipulation of those around you. Even if you see this as an option for asserting your ideas, it hides a childish or egoistic desire for conserving a concept at any costs for the reason that it is a symbol for security into your sight. Read the full report on the original source

Gemini Horoscope

The full Moon will bring to the light the effects of your ambitions for accumulating valuables and patrimony, especially if you saw them as an opportunity for gaining a social status or image. The eventual sacrifices you made are to be now compensated by expenses intended to create a feeling of safety for you. Nevertheless, the astrological context active around the full Moon might have also a positive outcome for many of you, and that would be an increase in income as a result of your career development. Read the full report on the original source

Cancer Horoscope

The beginning of the month brings for you some circumstances in your relationships of any kind that will challenge your need for steadiness and predictability. The opposition between the Moon and Pluton retrograde in Capricorn on the one hand, and Sun and Mars, on the other hand, shows a conflict stirred by some ambitions for applying old beliefs in order to build relationships that should have appeared nice to the others that are friends, society, parents, “social rules”, superiors and so on. Read the full report on the original source

Leo Horoscope

The planetary transits provides you with all energy and chances in order to achieve this. Any undertaking based on creativity, uniqueness, authenticity, or generosity has all the chances to become a success with broad visibility. Instead, if you just enjoy this time only to take advantage of your personal popularity and of the chances for entertainment, be aware that Venus will go retrograde through Leo during August and all exaggerations will be displayed in their ugly face. Read the full report on the original source

Virgo Horoscope

The opposition between the Moon and Mars in Cancer on the one hand, and the Sun and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, on the other hand is challenging your tenacity in making the best out of your special talents. You will be somehow in the position to dig up and find the strength to materialize them. Perhaps you will transform a method of valorise a native ability in some austere conditions. This can be the key for success only that it comes along with disturbing feelings generated by the expectations and/or fears regarding the others’ (audience, friends) feedback. Read the full report on the original source

Libra Horoscope

It looks like you are very determined to succeed in your profession or to improve your image as these fulfil your need for security and feed your self-confidence. Moreover, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo to be active at the time of full Moon represents a good sign for popularity and admiration received from and within your social circle and friends. It is just you have to be aware to not go overboard. Read the full report on the original source

Scorpio Horoscope

The sure thing is the developments regarding your career and social image will be spectacular, especially before July 18 when Venus enters Virgo. Until then, you will face all the popularity, the celebrity or even the publicity you deserve. What for? Well, this is the clue: it is your sense of dignity, your authority, your authenticity that are to be publicly exposed … either it is plenty of them or rather scarce. Read the full report on the original source

Sagittarius Horoscope

The events around the full Moon will show how emotions are influencing your struggle to accumulate or rather to defend money or other valuables. It seems you have a lot of tenacity and many of you will have fulfilments in this field. Nevertheless, there are natives who could experience very disturbing feelings that reopen old sores. I refer to those of you who are involved in a partition or an inheritance. Read the full report on the original source

Capricorn Horoscope

At the beginning of the month, the full Moon on July 2 can bring fulfilments in your marriage, your business partnerships or in lawsuits. The problems may appear though if you rely too much on old concepts and mental attitudes as if they represent the only way to succeed … or even to live. In such a case, the others will see themselves in the position to react emotionally and this could turn into an insidious fight that you are going to lose. Read the full report on the original source

Aquarius Horoscope

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo, which is active at the beginning of the month, can bring you a spectacular success in your relationships. It could be a proposal or the decision to propose, it could be a fulfilment within your marriage (for instance, a pregnancy or just passionate love even after many years of marriage or the broadening of your social life through your relationships). Read the full report on the original source

Pisces Horoscope

The beginning of the month is under the influence of the full Moon on July 2 which is responsible for personal talents, love affairs, and relationships with children in your chart. It brings along sensitiveness and imagination that can help you be creative, romantic and empathic. The only danger for the dream you live in can be an eventual exaggerated ambition for going into a certain circle of friends or in a certain social circle. Read the full report on the original source

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