June 2015 Monthly Horoscope

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Given so many planetary transits and phenomena on the mutable signs, June might appear as a difficult time to manage for a cardinal sign like yours, always oriented toward a goal. You can cope making a supplementary effort to put your ideas, and then your activities in order.

Moreover, chances are for you to have to translate both the language and the behaviour of people quite different from you . And, accordingly, you have to change the preconceptions you had about them or about life, generally speaking. The key consists in apprehension and tolerance, not in the assertion of your ideas. Read the full report here


The month of June brings along financial instability, leading to worries and agitation. Such developments can prevent you from finding the optimal solution. There is a risk to waste too much mental energy, to get angry or even to panic because of the money-related problems.

All the contexts possible to occur in the first days of June can reset your values. More exactly, you will become aware of the importance of promises, but also of the price of information. Read the full report here


The key of the moment consists in decoding the feedback you receive from the others. If you feel like some people don’t appreciate your position in the matters you are interested in (professional, intellectual, correctness, morality and so on) and that there are associated risks – for change, for being pushed back – then you will better try to comprehend what made their impression about you. Only afterwards you will know how to adapt your messages to make yourselves correctly understand. Read the full report here


A lot of information spreads all around, indiscretions are committed and the effect might be a threat at your need for safety and stability. These sorts of information will most probably be linked to your workplace, your colleagues and they may refer to changes and adjustments, to ethical or moral issues.

My advice for you is to not get involved in discussions on such subjects as they might generate interpretable circumstances that disfavours you. Read the full report here


The trine formed on June 22 by Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo producing effects during the whole month is for certain the main aspect of the analysed time.

Therefore, it is one of the most fortunate times of the Jupiter’s transit through Leo, bringing along chances in several fields, but especially in those ones you feel with all your heart that you can do outstanding things. I would mention here the overseas relationships, friendships, legal-related issues, self-advertising or the promotion of a project in which you have put a lot of passion. Moreover, the natives itching for this, may settle the date for their marriage. Read the full report here


Your career and social image are two field to be stirred during June, facing changes and the associated uncertainty. If you are the subject of such changes or they only affect you indirectly, you tell me. The idea is they test your flexibility.

The confidence is hard to find as the checks you usually do to a dot are not possible by reason of celerity. Such developments can’t give you anything else than insecurity and anxiety, leading even to some eventual disputes with your superiors. Read the full report here


This month is going to be a busy time for you because of trips to go on, of friends, siblings, and other relatives. At the beginning of June, the full Moon on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis can make you feel like you need to act totally sincere, to (at least verbally) teach some lessons those around you.

Don’t push too much to express all of your ideas on such astrological aspects, and mostly, don’t insist to inculcate to others your ideas. Read the full report here


During June, money is a matter of concern and, very probably, of changes and adjustments. Even from the beginning of the analysed time, along with the full Moon, doubtful circumstances might appear.

At bottom, the lesson taught you by this full Moon are linked to the promises you have made and now you have to ask yourselves what is more honest: to keep a promise irrespective of the occurred changes or to adapt your plans to the new circumstances even taking the risk to decline your promises. Read the full report here


June certainly is the most dynamic time of this year regarding your relationships. Even from the beginning you can see the effects on this field, brought by the full Moon. More exactly, you are very much inclined to convince and to impress people you connect with of your greatness.

No matter if you want to be recognized for your knowledge, for your wisdom or for your honesty, striving too much is to be avoided. Instead, it is advisable for you to not set yourselves up as a teacher who gives advices and teaches lessons without being asked for these. Read the full report here


During June, you might have the feeling that all the moral commitments and all the concrete tasks fall on your shoulders. Normally, this wouldn’t bother you much if so many troubles, delays, unreliability and last moment changes didn’t appear.

The time for most of these challenges is around June 2, 2015, when the full Moon occurs in a tense context created by oppositions and squares on mutable signs. For natives like you who love structure and organization, any unexpected change is difficult to digest, bringing irritation and even physical discomfort. Read the full report here


There is a lot of talks and a lot of motion for you. The astral aspects indicate it even from the beginning of the month. The full Moon on June 2, 2015 occurs in a tense context and, therefore, it will reveal what adaptations are required from you regarding the way you experience your passions, but also the way you communicate with those around you.

But if you eventually act with careless and disregard for the way people receive and comprehend what you communicate, as well for the manner you behave, there will be controversies involving you. Read the full report here


During June, your desire for receiving social and professional recognition is huge, but the astral aspects seem rather versatile. Hereby, the full Moon on June 2, 2015 occurs in a context with oppositions and squares on the mutable signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, meaning that the circumstances linked to your career and, accordingly, to your steadiness, are pretty volatile.

As a matter of fact, the challenges are meant to test your self-confidence, and the arguments you rely on when you appreciate that you are entitled for a certain position or for professional authority. Read the full report here

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