Katatonia, Pain of Salvation and Ihsahn had a blast, at ArtMania Festival


Two days of intense LIVE feelings with great bands! A few groups were for the first time in Romania.

by Monica Apostol

Katatonia made a marvelous surprise with the awesome playlist that the band performed live at ArtMania in Sbiu. Jonas Renkse, the leader and the vocalist, felt extremely good in Sibiu and he thanked a several times to the Romanian audience. Both bands, the Swedish Pain of Salvation and the Norwegian Ihsahn with his important team (one of them was Einar Solberg, vocal and keyboards, from Leprous. The band gained prominence as the backing band for former Emperor frontman Ihsahn‘s live shows. Ihsahn has, in turn, contributed to several Leprous albums as a vocalist and as a co-producer for Coal) had great concerts. Ihsahn and his partners lost the luggage somewhere abroad and they performed the concert with the Pain of Salvation’s guitars.

Katatonia tracklist at ArtMania Festival 2016: July, Deliberation, Serein, Increase, Serac, Hypnone, My Twin, Lethean, Old Heart Falls, Nephilim, Soil’s Song, Dead Letters, Day and Then the Shade, In the White, Forsaker.

Photos here: https://www.facebook.com/midnightphoto/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1148989745162312

Pain of Salvation tracklist: Of Two Beginnings, Ending Theme, Fandango, Ashes, 1979, To the Shoreline, Linoleum, No Way, Falling, The Perfect Element.13906927_1149711361756817_3385139058159632987_n

Ihsahn playlist was: The Paranoid, My Heart is of the North, Until I Too Dissolve, Pressure, Tacit, Celestial Violence.

More PHOTOS here!



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