Kitsch Museum in Bucharest robbed


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A statuette featuring a golden lion “guarding” the entrance of the Kitsch Museum in Bucharest was stolen on Sunday morning by three men, as it was revealed in the video posted on the museum’s website. The museum manager promises a carpet with ‘The Serai Kidnapping’ as reward for the one who can provide clues to find the robbers.

The museum manager, Cristian Lica sent an appeal to find the thieves: “Share our post and help us identify them. Maybe you noticed them in the old town,” reads the message. The stolen statuette represents an 80cm-heigh golden lion, weighing 30 kilos.

The Kitsch Museum, the only one in Romania, is located on famous Covaci street in the old center of the Capital.

Cristian Lica suspects the robbery would be related to the contest initiated by the museum, which offers attractive rewards.

The contest initiated by the museum is inviting Romanians to vote online the most relevant local kitsch items for two weeks accessing the link:

The categories are: history and legend kitsch (the nominees are Elena Ceausescu, Dracula, Arsenie Boca and Jack Frost); architecture and monuments (the nominees are the Tour Effel from Slobozia, the bust from Scornicesti, the birth place of communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, the Jesus’ heart from Lupeni in Harghita, the People’s House, Ghildus spike); deco art and interior design (the nominees are the crystal fish on the TV set, the carpet with the serai kidnapping, the truck drivers’ towels, stuffed animals and the garden dwarfs); culture and fashion (the fuzzy slippers, kitsch tattoos, the track-suit with shoes, the gold ring, the gunnysack, the penguin’s dance); media and digital (the selfies in the bathroom, OTV, tabloid papers, SMSs on holidays, online presence of fops).Muzeul kitsch-ului

Our scientific step is not intended to offend anyone or to prejudice human dignity of anyone. For this reason the contest doesn’t include alive physical persons, whos image might be affected by the contest’s results,” said the manager.

The votes may be cast by July 31 and the awarding ceremony for the most relevant kitsch items is due on August 1.

The Kitsch Museum, displaying 200 items, opened in May. Tripadvisor ranked the museum as the most well documented and most credible information source for the foreign tourists visiting Bucharest.

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