Kitsch Museum opens in Bucharest


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A new museum is peering on the Bucharest’s tourist map, the Kitsch Museum, located in the Capital’s Old Center (6 Covaci street). As of May 5, Romanian and foreign tourists will be able to see 200 items revealing a perspective of the Romanian kitsch history.

The new boutique-type museum, hosted by the second floor of a building on the old famous Covaci street, welcomes visitors with funny messages right from the entrance, joking on the ‘no photography’ ban across kitch

The museum is hosting the permanet exhibiton and also includes a gallery where artists can display their works.

The 200 items, such as knick-knacks from the communist period, wall carpets, gypsy and modern clothing, design kitchen furnishings or phones from the communist time, are grouped in seven categories: Dracula kitsch, religion kitsch, interior design, gypsy, modern kitsch and make your own kitsch.IMG_9432 IMG_9401 (Large)phoneThe items originate from the personal collection of the Kitsch Museum’s owner, Cristian Lica, gathered in years from other collectors and flea markets and recently enriched with brand new artifacts. The investment mounts to over EUR 15,000.IMG_9443

I am a amateur on kitsch, just like the others. I don’t think there are kitsch experts for it is no science. I will consult the feedbacks and the visitors’ ratings to make changes or enrich the items’ collection,” said the museum’s owner.

He invited artists to join him in this adventure and to exhibit in the Kitsch Art gallery. „Any Romanian artist who will want to display works in the Kitsch Art gallery upstairs is welcomed. There is only one condition: the works must be kitschy!”.

The price of a ticket is RON 30 (about EUR 6.5), with discounts for the Romanians „ by one third for they are sympathetically exposed to the kitsch every day”.gypsy style


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