Lara Fabian cancelled show in Bucharest over alleged non-payment, organizers deny, to sue her


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Belgian singer Lara Fabian has announced she is cancelling her show due at Sala Palatului on Monday evening, two hours before the concert. She claimed she had to call off the gig because the tour’s manager had not paid her.

On the other side, the organizer of her international tour replied that the artist had unilaterally cancelled the show due in Bucharest.

On the evening of February 3, Lara Fabian had to perform a show in Bucharest, at 19:30hrs. For the second time in a row, the artist called off her show. It is unacceptable and we cannot accept the fake accusation against us through her social media channels,” reads a press release by International Creative Talents.

The organizers argued that a lot of tickets had been sold for the performance in Bucharest and that it is not true the artist had not been paid.

“Tickets have been extensively sold and we, the organizers, have prepared the show down to the last detail. Lara Fabian landed in Romania on February 2 and everything went well. She even went to Sala Palatului on Monday morning, as footage and videos can prove. She decided to leave the concert hall at 16:00hrs and to leave to the airport, without previously discussing with any of the organizers’ representatives. She provided no valid excuse, leaving stunned both her staff and the organizers. In a later social media post at 17:00hrs the artist says that she is in her hotel room and that she hasn’t been paid so she had to cancel the show. If the non-payment was the real reason, then she shouldn’t have come to Bucharest in the first place!”, the organizers say.

At the same time, the organizers say the Belgian artist had also cancelled her concert due in Athens on February 1, also reminding that she had also called off the two shows scheduled in November 2019 in Bucharest, “over alleged health issues”.

The medical problems claimed by her are questionable, while the promoter, who is also her booking agent, has lost money (…) At this point, we are set to sue her and her management, to get justice in this painful situation”, the release further reads.

The artist had announced in a Facebook post on Monday afternoon that she is deeply sad about being forced to cancel the show “regardless of her will”.

“I am mad because, for the fourth time in a row, the person who is managing my international tour (except for the tour in France), who is supposed to pay me for the shows, has not paid me. I cannot accept this abuse and I cannot continue my shows either when I obviously need to pay all expenses of my staff. It is just a horrible situation. I tried to go on, hoping the situation will be solved, but it has only got worse. This situation has caused me a lot of pain and stress in the past months up to the point when I got sick so hard that I could not perform in Bucharest the last time in December”, Lara Fabian explained.


Lara Fabian performed many times in Romania before.

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