Latest Columbian movies at Cervantes Institute in Bucharest

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Starting today, Cervantes Institute in Bucharest propose movie fans a journey through the latest Columbian films. During 7 -10 December, the Columbia’s Embassy in Poland, which also ensures the diplomatic representation for Romania, together with the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest organize a four-day event of film screenings at the Institute’s HQ in Bucharest (38 Elisabeta Boulevard).

Four feature films will be screened, three fiction movies and one documentary. Two of them, “El abrazo de la serpiente” (screened today, December 7) and “Apaporis – the secrets of the rainforest” documentary takes the viewer to paradiziac landscapes, while bringing legends from Columbia’s Amazonian rainforest.

La Sirga” drama tells the story of a new beginning for a woman traumatized by the effects of the guerilla war, while “Los Hongos” tells the story of a modern Columbian street artist, a grafitero.

The films will be screened in Spanish original version, with English subtitle.

The entrance is free, limited number of seats.

Reservations at:

Apaporis – the secrets of the rainforest” documentary is screened on December 8, at 7 p.m. Directed by Antonio Dorado Zuñíga, the documentary is a travel journal through the Amazonian rainforest in Columbia, following is explorer Richard Evans Schultes’ footsteps, from Mitú up to the river Apaporis, while revealing myths and remedies whose secrets have been kept for thousands of years. Some of the experiences in the ‘selva’ are recounted by one of Schultes’ disciples, Wade Davis, author of best seller “El Rio” and explorer at National Geographic.apaporis-1

La Sirga” by William Vega is scheduled on December 9 at 7 p.m. A Columbia-France-Mexico co-production focuses on the abandoned and desperate heroine Alicia. The memories of the cruel war keep coming back to her mind as if they were some thunders. She abandoned her house due to the armed conflict and now she is trying to rebuild her life in La Sirga, a desolate hostel on the shore of a lagoon on the Andes plateau. The hostel belongs to Oscar, her only relative who is alive, a lonely, grumpy old man. The film was awarded at Cannes’ Quinzaine de Realisateurs in 2012, among others.

Saturday, December 10 is booked for “Los Hongos”, a Columbia-Argentina-France-Germany co-production released in 2014 under direction of Oscar Ruíz Navia. Every night after finishing work, RAS is drawing grafitti on the walls of his neighbourhood, eastern Cali. During the day he works in constructions. Son of Maria, a beautiful mulatto who came in the city of Cali from a town in the Columbian rainforest, RAS is dreaming wide-eyed. Maria is very concerned, sure that someone cast a spell on her son and that he will soon go mad. One day, RAS is fired because he had stolen some dye boxes to paint a wall near the house. RAF starts searching for CALVIN, a street artist, student at the beaux-arts.grafittero

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