Liege rally vintage cars on display in Bucharest in a few days

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Liege-Bucharest rally arrived in Romania, halting at Oradea to display the participant vintage cars. The rally theme is “a stroll across Carpathians”.

The rally toed the line downtown Liege, Belgium on August 21 and crossed Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary before reaching Romania, on a distance of about 2,800 km. The race represents a modern version of Liege-Sofia-Liege rally, initially running during 1961-1964.

38 vintage cars are racing, driven by their owners themselves, businessmen or politicians. Now, in Romania, the competitors have to face the big adventure to cross Transfagarasan high road in their way to Bucharest.

The vintage cars and their drivers are expected to arrive in the Romania’s capital on Friday, August 28. The cars will go on display in the parking of Hilton Hotel. At the end, the cars will be sent back on trailers in their origin countries, while the drivers will return to Belgium by air.

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