“Literary Death Match”, the writers’ race at FILB in early December


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The most important literature independent festival in Romania, Bucharest International Literature Festival will kick off next week (December 2-4) at the Peasant Club, rejoining 17 prestigious names of the contemporary literature from several countries: Hungary, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, Turkey and USA.

Literature lovers are welcome every night as of 7 p.m. to enjoy the events of the festival’s 8th edition.

The novelty of this edition is represented by a new format. FILB will bring the “Literary Death Match” format to Bucharest, a show born in USA when four writers are racing in public reading sessions in a boxing ring, while a jury will assess them.

“During the eight editions (yes, we’ve come to the 8th one), we’ve been constantly trying to unveil something new, to preserve the dynamism of this festival. We either brought writers from Brazil or Malta, or invited cultural managers from Ireland. This year we count on either authors “not so trained” in previous years, such as Adrian Bittel or Ion Iovan, or on writers like Burhan Sönmez (Turkey) or Iván Repila (Spain). György Dragomán is such an elaborated writer so that to invite him for the second time to this festival in eight years doesn’t seem so unusual. Literary DeathMatch will definitely catch everybody’s attention, it’s a ring where four poets will be racing. It’s a sort of declaration of normality: we can fight without blood. And yes! The literary world is not a peace world, on the contrary, but nowadays normality is a desired state even when we are fighting,” said FILB president, Bogdan Alexandru Stănescu.

FILB was set up in 2008 by cultural manager Oana Boca Stănescu, next to writers Vasile Ernuşi and Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu. Ioana Gruenwald joined the organizing team in 2012. FILB is the only European festival presented during Edinburgh Festivals this year.

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