Little robot ‘conducted’ charitable concert in Cluj

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A little robot dressed in the Romanian folk costume “has conducted” a charitable concert in Cluj-Napoca on Thursday evening, for the first time in Romania, which thus welcomes a premiere Artificial Intelligence partnership on a music scene.

Several Romanian artists and bands performed for the charitable concert held to raise funds for children with cancer: Calin Goia from Voltaj, Hara or Semnal M. A ticket cost RON 20 and all the money raised will be donated to a NGO that takes care of children suffering of cancer.

As for the little robot conductor, it was partially designed by a Romanian IT company. The company founder said the bot can conduct three different music genres. On Thursday night, it conducted an original rock, folk and symphonic music show.

The bottom part of the robot was imported from Denmark, while the top was designed by the Romanian company’s 3D printer. The costs of the 3D printer mounted to EUR 55,000.

The bot was dressed in the Romanian folk costume, and it was taught to say ‘hi’, to shake hands and to conduct.

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