Love Lost exhibition on display in Bucharest


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During the 6 years in which it collected relics as testimonies of the dual process of love-loss, Love Lost Miami has gained recognition as the most sincere exhibition of Art Basel Week.

Hoping to bring to the fore the love and loss stories that live in our own community, the global non-profit organization, Arden, has partnered with Strata to bring the exhibition project to Bucharest.

Designed out of our own curiosity, the exhibition is guided by the desire to attract the people of Bucharest in an assumed conversation, about the human experience of love and the traumatic consequences derived.

Objects, otherwise trivial, become, through the stories that accompany them, emotional artifacts that touch the multi-sensory memory of each of us.

You will discover relics of unfinished stories, missed opportunities, coagulated traumas and peaceful resignation. Lost Love will take the form of a communal mosaic, colored in shades of sadness, anger, bewilderment, pain, gratitude, and even humor.


Opening: May 21, 2022, STRATA Gallery. Open till June 10

Working days:
Tuesday – Friday | 4PM-8PM
Saturday| 2PM-6PM
Sunday – Monday |closed


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