Ludmila Ulițkaia, Mircea Cărtărescu and Jacques Le Rider open the International Literature Festival in Timisoara

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The fifth edition of the International Literature Festival in Timisoara “Western East/Eastern West” (FILTM) will take place on October 25-28.

The 5th edition of FILTM will run under the sign of Timisoara’s victory, after being designated the European Capital of Culture in 2021. It’s also a victory for us, the festival’s organizers. We managed to invite high-sounding names of the European literature in Timisoara this time, too,” said Robert Șerban, the festival president.

The festival will host over 15 events: public readings, debates, meetings of the high school pupils with the invited guest writers, conferences held at the West University.

The 5th FILTM edition brings several novelties: a partnership with the Université de Paris-Sorbonne, through EUR’ORBEM (Cultures et sociétés d’Europe orientale, balkanique et médiane Centre).

By far one of the most expected events is “The Invisible Censorship” conference, held by Jacques Le Rider on the first day of the festival.

Another novelty of this year will consists of several events for the little ones, with children being able to meet three of the most known Romanian writers of literature for children.

There will be also three public reading nights and debates hosted by the Baroque Hall of the Art Museum in Timisoara every day during October 24-28, as of 6 p.m.

The first night will see Ludmila Ulițkaia and Mircea Cărtărescu dialogizing, with the second night being dedicated to poetry: Nikola Madzirov (The Republic of Macedonia), Delimir Rešicki (Croatia) and Romanian poets Ioana Nicolae, Ruxandra Cesereanu and Adrian Bodnaru are attending.

The guests of the third night, which is dedicated to prose, are Spanish Clara Uson and Georgian Zaza Burciuladze exiled in Berlin.

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