Manholes turned into symbolic thumbnail apartments in Italy. Artist’s dedication for Bucharest homeless

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Italian artist Biancoshock recently retrofitted a series of abandoned manholes in the Italian cities of Lodi and Milan. The artist turned the abandoned spaces into miniature kitchen, bathroom and living room, reports.

Biancoshock says he aimed at raising awareness for disenfranchised people in such locations like Bucharest where ‘more than 600 people live underground in the sewers’.5970662

The Milanese artist designed these tight manholes so that no human body could slip in. The tiny premises suggestively called ‘The Secret Rooms’ depict various designs with significant stories behind: a clock, a rubicund angel fabric, a hat hung on a nail, wooden and metal spoons on shelves where other small recipients, glasses and vases are crowded. In one word, all sorts of domestic objects used in the day-to-day life.

The precincts are resembling some symbolic tombs, fully revamped rooms but where people cannot fit in.

In the end, the Italian artist refers to the homeless people living in Bucharest’s sewers: “If some problems cannot be avoided, make them comfortable. Intervention that, parodically, speaks about people forced to live in extreme conditions, even coming to live in manholes. An example of inspiration is Bucharest, where more than 600 people live underground, in the sewers.

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