Marble sculpture comes to life in Busteni


Over ten international artists will bring marble to life from August 6th to September 2nd within the first edition of Busteni International Sculpture Symposium (BISS) where visitors will have the opportunity of admiring the vision and creativity of some renowned artists from Argentina, Taiwan, Russia, China, Egypt or France. The festival is hosted by Cantacuzino Castle (photo) in Busteni, with events also taking place on the mountain resort’s streets.

Marble will be in the limelight at the first edition of the symposium, but the future editions in 2017, 2018 and 2019 will focus on andesite, granite and metal.

The invited guests this year are Andre Naegelen (France), Emin Petrosyan (Armenia), Emiliano and Soledad Sacco (Argentina), Eugen Petri (Romania), Mikhail Sobolev (Russia), Samia Monsenf (Egypt), Choe Sodong (South Korea), Shlomo Katz (Israel), Wang Biao (Taiwan), Lei and Yong Zhao (China).

BISS is the result of some productive discussions with the mayor of Busteni, Emanoil Savin and with sculptor Eugen Petri, member of the Plastic Artist Union in Romania, which organized similar symposiums in other European cities. Starting 2016 and for the next three years, each summer will expose an artistic mix of classic and avant-garde professional sculptors, who will create their works of art across the entire mountain resort and in the Cantacuzino Castle’s garden,” said Kurt Neuschitzer, CEO al Zamora Estate, which owns the Cantacuzino Castle.

BISS is part of the “Buşteni the City of Arts” project, meant to turn the mountain resort in a city where culture would become one of the most important touristic attractions.

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