April Horoscope to bring an infusion of energy for every zodiac sign

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Aries April Horoscope – People might find your attitude hard to deal with!

In April, the Aries monthly horoscope shows a change of focus from the previous experiences towards the present time and the future. And this is basically a good thing as it is expected to change your state of mind so that you will very probably act more confident in any of your undertakings. Some troubles will appear for you only if you overdo things, if you are too impulsive and direct in conveying your ideas and beliefs. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Taurus April Horoscope – Acceptance should be a key word for you

An important time, although not easy to handle, will appear around April 7, 2016, when the new Moon occurs in Aries that represents the area suggesting acceptance in your general chart. What you should do in order to pass though the mentioned tensions is to accept that all you really have is the present. So, use it wisely for designing your plans for the future, rather than keeping your mind busy with regrets and disappointments. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Gemini April Horoscope – Dynamic relationships

The main change April is to bring consists in more dynamic friendships or social connections due to planetary transits through Aries. Obviously, every native will face the planetary influences according to the social visibility and to his/her interests in the social life. Anyway, what is important here for every Gemini native is … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Cancer April Horoscope – Nice chances to appear, but you have to take them

Given that you are so fond of safety and steadiness, any changes that are to come will appear frightening in the first place. But the Cancer horoscope for April indicates quite nice chances for your career and collaborations provided that you will dare to set new objective according to your very individual talents and abilities. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Leo April Horoscope – To set new professional goals

Especially around April 7, 2016, when the new Moon occurs in Aries, you will have the chance to set new goals for your professional growth and you’d better take advantage of the moment. Uranus there, being in conjunction to the Aries new Moon, indicates brilliant ideas. But as I said, there are also things to be avoided. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Virgo April Horoscope – New goals in your financial affairs

It’s hard to become independent or free of responsibilities when your joint resources are so challenged by the astrological context. Maybe some circumstances involving your partner’s resources or debts will make you set new goals in the financial area. This is expected to happen near upon the new Moon in Aries on April 7, 2016. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Libra April Horoscope – Fast decisions are required

A relevant time in this regard will be near upon the Aries new Moon on April 7, 2016. Some sudden developments will force you to respond fast by making decisions. It could be your partner (shocking) attitude or it could be only an outer unexpected circumstance that will make you have a hard-and-fast attitude. The way you communicate is very important at the moment as … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Scorpio April Horoscope – Lucky circumstances

A new job, new duties, new colleagues for you? We’ll see. But what the monthly horoscope indicates for the Scorpio natives is the opportunity to set new goals linked to these matters. A change of perspective would be the best answer to any problem you might have at work or with your collaborators as Uranus conjunct the Sun and the Moon on April 7, 2016 can really bring a sudden and brilliant idea or just a lucky circumstance for you. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Sagittarius April Horoscope – Take the lead over your life!

You should better take the lead over your life, generally speaking. No matter which is the field of your highest interest at the moment, what this astrological context provides for you is self-confidence, courage, and – you’re really going to like this – brilliant ideas. You can also stir your creativity though free thinking and looking at problems from some new perspectives. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Capricorn April Horoscope – Decision for a new settlement

The planetary transits through Aries expected during April suggest for you a new settlement in your life. It could be a new home or just the decision for a new home in the future. It could be a daring approach fuelled by self-confidence and this is a very good thing. The most appropriate time will be around April 7, 2016. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Aquarius April Horoscope – A progressive vision

You will have a great astrological support to find a brilliant approach or vision on something that is of interest at the time (maybe a problem having social impact or, at least, affecting a group of people), but also to find a convincing way to convey your ideas, your progressive vision. Anyway, don’t expect for everybody to be convinced at once. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Pisces April Horoscope – A fresh perspective to appear in your life

After several weeks of fishing in muddy waters, here is a fresh perspective in your life thanks to the planetary transits and aspects in Aries that, moreover, form good aspects with Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. So, a lot of energy will bring an impact on your career and money. What you need in April, especially in the first half of the month, is to be confident and to … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

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