March 2016 Horoscope – solar and lunar eclipses to influence all zodiacal signs!

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Aries March 2016 Horoscope – Let go any regrets!

Due to the planetary transits occurring in Pisces, this monthly horoscope announces a tedious time, but much depends on your approach to the events. The March 2016 horoscope shows for you, Aries, that many regrets could be stirred in various areas of your life. But I think they all have a common issue. It’s about the sacrifices you’ve made for a certain achievements and/or the trust you put in people or circumstances…. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Taurus March 2016 Horoscope – Compromises could become unbearable

Some circumstances appearing in your social life or in connection with your friends during this month will give you the feeling that your perspectives are so foggy, disappointing or even catastrophic. In March 2016, the Taurus horoscope brings along predictions for an urge to approach your social connections and duties in collaborations differently in terms of what you offer and what you expect for a change…. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Gemini March 2016 Horoscope – Your career, once again in the spotlight!

There will be a very few Gemini natives who won’t be in the foreground of the social and professional life this month. Most of you will face developments urging you to fight for your beliefs and to take responsibility for your career path starting from the present moment, the Gemini horoscope suggests. … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Cancer March 2016 Horoscope – You may say enough to sacrifices

This month brings for you changes of some beliefs or principles and, hopefully, a courageous attitude in the end, the Cancer horoscope shows for March 2016. The two eclipses due to occur this month are very important moments in those regards, but not necessarily easy to handle as they both are to highly disturb your feelings. … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Leo March 2016 Horoscope – Starting an adventure

Besides the solar and lunar eclipses, the monthly horoscope is highly influenced by the transit of Mars through Sagittarius. Due to enter this sign on March 6, 2016, this planet has a long transit here and it is expected to drive you to new adventures in your life in order to experiment as many things as possible, to know as many places and people as possible and, in the end, hopefully, to help you grow and become (even) more self-confident. But this planetary transit could also mean taking too many risks or exaggerating in some regards. … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Virgo March 2016 Horoscope – Relationships to drift between dreams and nightmares

The two eclipses occurring this month are to influence your relationships on different aspects, including the financial ones. The March 2016 horoscope indicates demands for changes for Virgo. And those changes might be urged by conflicts that apparently are stirred this month, but in fact, they have roots in your past. Mars entering Sagittarius on March 6, 2016 will play a great part in such circumstances. … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Libra March 2016 Horoscope – You get the courage to speak, but barriers appear when taking action

Starting this month, you will get your courage up for discharged yourselves from some duties or promises that made you somehow captive in a certain context. But having the courage isn’t enough, as the Libra horoscope shows for March 2016. So, Mars will enter Sagittarius on March 6, providing you with the boldness to express yourselves freely, but other astrological phenomena will prevent you to act as … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Scorpio March 2016 Horoscope – To feel great trust in the future

Starting March 6, when Mars enters Sagittarius, you will act more courageously, your entire behaviour showing off that you trust in the future. It opens an optimistic phase in your life and that is a good thing. Nevertheless, the March 2016 horoscope also indicates risks of delusions for you, Scorpio. And the consequences of such eventual occurrences won’t delay as two eclipses favour them. … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Sagittarius March 2016 Horoscope – It’s time to deal with old fears

You must have a big time once Mars enters your sign, on March 6. Energy, boldness and adventurous spirit are to influence your personality that will look appealing and inspiring for those around you. I don’t want to diminish your enthusiasm, but the March 2016 horoscope demands me to warn you, dear Sagittarians, that the general astrological context has also some obstacles or delays challenging your adventurous undertakings. … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Capricorn March 2016 Horoscope – Comprehension gives you strength

Mars entering Sagittarius on March 6 will bring you many occasions to change some of your beliefs during his long transit through your twelfth astrological house. His weakest part is linked to unexpressed anger that sometimes may peril your health condition. This planet will be involved in planetary aspects near upon the both eclipses occurring this month, as the Capricorn March 2016 horoscope shows. … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Aquarius March 2016 Horoscope – Being (even more) socially driven

Once Mars enters Sagittarius on March 6, your energy will drive you mainly towards friends, social life, or clients for your assets. During his transit, the planet will expand those fields of your life through your bold attitude. But for this month, the Aquarius March 2016 horoscope indicates both supportive and challenging circumstances involving Mars. I refer mainly to the solar and lunar eclipses. … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Pisces March 2016 Horoscope – Going through a phase of important events in your life

Given several planetary transits on the angular houses of your chart, plus a solar eclipse, it’s obvious that you go through a phase of important events in your life. Moreover, those aspects involve mutable signs, so, adaptability or change are required, the monthly horoscope shows for Pisces in March 2016. Mars enters Sagittarius on March 6, urging you to become more competitive in your career. The important thing is to dare more, but … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

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