Masca Theatre to launch new café hall with cabaret show

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Bucharest based Masca theatre will launch the new revamped Lecoq hall on Thursday, on the occasion of the “Parapanghelos” premiere show, a cabaret performance after a book written by famous 1800s Romanian writer, Vasile Alecsandri.

The hall is actually turned into a café –theatre, where the spectators will enjoy fresh drinks while comfortably sitting at a table and seeing the exquisite cabaret show in a special atmosphere. The drinks are included in the ticket’s price.

According to a press release issue by the organizers, “Parapanghelos” means “farewell” and it was the cry with which the walking puppeteers used to close their performances during the 1880s. Today, actors from Masca Theatre turned “parapanghelos” meaning into “welcome”. “The funny vaudevilles” written by Vasile Alecsandri are benefiting even today, in early 21st century, from the special smile of an audience which is discovering, not without civic grief, the terrible contemporaneity of the texts. It is a sign that, when it comes to political manners, time passing only confirms and underlines the pejorative meaning of ‘Dambovita-like’,” Masca Theatre director, Mihai Malaimare said.




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