Message for Romanian fans: “Romania has always been a special place for Anathema to play”

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ARTmania Bucharest Blast 2017 brings Anathema and Alcest in concert!

by Monica Apostol

Anathema is very thrilled that will be back again to Romania and the members send to us a very fine message:

“Hi to all out there in Romania. As some of you know, Romania has always been a special place for Anathema to play. Since the first week we spent there in 1994 which has become a legendary time to remember. To the numerous club shows and the unforgettable experiences at Artmania Festival in Sibiu. This next one looks like it might be the most special yet. What a venue. The Arenele Romane. We’ll be bringing a very special show. With projection videos, light show and our amazing sound and stage crew. Together let’s see if we can make this one the most memorable yet. We’ll be playing songs from our new album ‘The Optimist’ plus a wide range of material from other works.
Check out our latest video here:  See you soon!

ANATHEMA one of Britain’s most appreciated experimental metal bands, returns to Bucharest for the second event of the ARTmania Bucharest Blast series. Next to them, the French band Alcest, the pioneers of the music genre “blackgaze” will perform an intense live concert.

The show will take place on October 24, 2017,  7 PM, at Arenele Romane in Bucharest. Tickets via!

Despite those early records being hailed as classics, the band left their heavier roots and transcended into a more emotional heaviness that resonated deep within the heart of the listener. Alternative 4 (1998), Judgement (1999), A Fine Day To Exit (2001) and A Natural Disaster (2003) marked an era of bold experimentation for the band – taking the notion of self-exploration to its furthest limits – before 2010’s We’re Here Because We’re Here truly cemented their stature as world-beating post-progressive kings.

“Any musical growth we have achieved has been a natural process,” says lead songwriter Daniel Cavanagh. “From our early bass player Duncan Patterson’s Pink Floyd-leanings onwards, we’ve never really looked back. We feel lucky to have developed into a writing team that at times can feel telepathic. Oh and by the way – if we wanted to sell out, we would never have changed at all.”

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