“MO”, a striking movie, hits the Romanian theaters

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Romanian actors Dana Rogoz, Mădălina Craiu and Răzvan Vasilescu are starring in “MO” film directed by Radu Dragomir. The film is in the Romanian theaters as of today, October 4.

The movie tells the story of Mo and her friend, two students who are caught cheating during the exam by the toughest professor from the college. The two get a second chance though, with the professor proposing them…an unexpected exam.

“I came up with this idea after I had seen a news on TV with a student girl from Cluj, who had caught her professor on camera in the sly in her dorm room, while he was asking her to have sexual intercourse in exchange for her passing an exam. He had failed her on that exam for three years in a row“, director Radu Dragomir said.

The production is calling into question a topic that is hardly approached in the public space in Romania: the abuse of power or the sexual harassment, but also the lack of solidarity among women which leads them to be certain victims and to face their predator alone.

“Mo” has had its preview at the Transylvania International Film Festival-TIFF – and has been shortlisted in the official competition of Sarajevo Film Festival.

Shootings take place in Bucharest in 2017 and 2018. Produced by Scharf Film Production and Strada Film, the movie is distributed by Bad Unicorn.

TRAILER: https://youtu.be/NLvMzhzfWk8

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