„Moon Hotel Kabul” opening in Romania: What is the cost for truth and love?

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Romanian filmmaker Anca Damian and Aparte Film are presenting the latest film of the female director „Moon Hotel Kabul”, a Romania-France co-production. The film brought Anca Damian the award for the best director at the Warsaw International Film Festival-WFF this year. The feature film has its world premiere within the above-mentioned festival in October.

The premiere in Romania is due at Cinema Pro on Friday, November 23, with the movie hitting the theaters in the country starting November 30.

The film will be released in the U.S. at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM film) on November 28 within the 13th edition of Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema de la New York, in the Women Directors section.

I started creating the film while I was making the documentaries for Crulic and for the Magic Mountain. I had begun to be obsessed about the relation the high-power investigation journalists had with the truth: the truth doesn’t matter, we can fabricate it, we are the God of truth,” Anca Damian stated. “I have designed a topic to involve an investigation journalist and a casual relation that is meant to turn him upside down. I will never make a movie that should not send this message: this world must be a place that could be lived with pleasure”, she added.

“Moon Hotel Kabul” is raising questions about truth, love and the price to pay for them. Ivan Semciuc is an investigation journalist. In a cynic twist, he is skillfully combining truth and fiction in his features. But an incident will affect his life: following a mission in Kabul, he has sex with Ioana, the interpreter. Back in Bucharest the next day, he finds out Ioana is dead after she has been found with wrists cut.

The script is co-signed by Lia Bugnar and Anca Damian, with Florin Piersic Jr., Ofelia Popii, Adrian Titieni, Alexandru Nagy, Rodica Negrea, Richard Bovnoczki, Cristina Florea, Ilona Brezoianu, Dorina Chiriac starring.

The movie is produced by Aparte Film together with Cinéma Defacto, producer: Anca Damian, co- producers: Tom Dercourt, Sophie Erbs.

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