100 pct Aman, Bassarab, Cre?ulescu and Mattis Teutsch

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The auction session on May 26 to 28 has brought the first auction in 2015 with a 100 percent awarding rate, the auction “Two Masters of Romanian Values: Ludovic Bassarab and Honoriu Cre?ulescu”.

Moreover, the awarding’s total doubled the estimated total of the auction (about EUR 35,000), the works of the two masters having created a true competition between virtual bidders and physical bidders. Another result was also the complete award of Theodor Aman’s collection of engravings (EUR 30,000), Artmark informed in a press release. The total of the two auction evenings exceeds the amount of EUR 400,000.

With an awarding rate of over 87 percent and a total of almost EUR 104,000, the auction of three avantgardists which took place on Tuesday evening also brought good results on the Romanian art market. Hans Mattis Teutsch’s works were purchased in full, the best values ??being obtained for “Soul flowers” (EUR 18,000) and “Nudes inside” (EUR 15,000).

With an awarding rate of approximately 75 percent, the Vintage Jewelry and Decorative Arts auction amounted to EUR 100 and the sculpture and garden furniture one was also appreciated.

The next Artmark event will be the Summer Auction exhibition, which brings into limelight important names of Romanian art collections (Diamandy or Pantazi), as well as some of the founding names of Romanian art history: Nicolae Tonitza, Theodor Pallady, Samuel Mützner, Iosif Iser, Gheorghe Petra?cu, Ion ?uculescu. The exhibition can be visited from Wednesday, June 3, and the auction will take place on Wednesday, June 17, 19:30, at the Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest.

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