Alexandru Ciucurencu works auctioned at Artmark

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May brings the exhibition of „Alexandru Ciucurencu and disciples” auction, which can be visited at Artmark until May 27. For the first time the artistic path of such a creator won’t be seen only from his works or from the influences exerted on his disciples, but also from the archive documents. The precious documents show Ciucurencu as graduate of the Belle Arts School in Bucharest in 1928 or as sub-lieutenant of the General Staff in 1943 (four documents, reservce price EUR 80), as student at Julien Academy in 1931 (ID card issued by Paris Prefecture, reserve price EUR 50) or as professor and rector at „Nicolae Grigorescu” Imitative Arts Institute in Bucharest (2 documents, reserve price EUR 50).

The stars of the auction signed by Alexandru Ciucurencu are „Static nature with violin” (estimated for EUR 20,000-25,000), „Roses, books and ashtray” (estimated for EUR 10,000-16,000), „Static nature with champagne bottle and red towel” (estimated for EUR 8,000-14,000), „Flowers and water colors” (estimated for EUR 7,000-10,000). Among present disciples there are Constantin Piliu??, Vasile Grigore, Paula Ribariu, Iacob Carolina or Rodica Laz?r.

The auction on Ciucurencu is due on May 28, starting 19:30 at Athénée Palace Hilton, together with three auctions.

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