B?la?a’s paintings 100 % knocked down at Artmark auction

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Works by Sabin B?la?a auctioned on Tuesday at Artmark auction house were 100 percent knocked down, coming as a reconfirmation of the tremendous public success that the artist enjoyed all his career and as liquidity on an increasing art market. The Contemporary and Vangard Auction together with „Blue by B?la?a” auction registered one of the best results in tha past 2 years for the Romanian contemporary art totaling almost EUR 300,000.

Among those 12 works signed by B?la?a the most disputed there were „The Selenian Girls” (sold for EUR 8,500), „Nocturne” (sold for EUR 14,000) and „Icarus” (sold for EUR 10,000).

All 12 works signed nu B?la?a and auctioned at Artmark prompted total sales of EUR 65,630. On the other hand, the only sculpture of the artist, “Equilibrium”, estimated for EUR 150,000 and put up for auction by its owner, businessman Irinel Columbeanu, was withdrawn from the auction a night before the event.

Among the author records of the Contemporary and Vangard Auction, „Church” by Ion Grigorescu was knocked down for EUR 13,000.

„The Demiurge’s eyes” by Ion Tuculescu was sold for EUR 47,000, „Landscape with haycocks” by Alexandru Ciucurencu got EUR 13,000 and the small-size „Mad king” by Corneliu Baba also got EUR 13,000.

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