Ceausescu’s game bag put up for auction


A game bag belonging to former communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu will be auctioned in Mamaia seaside resort on Sunday (8 p.m. at Vega Hotel). Until then, the object can be seen at „The Hunting and Navigation” exhibition whose varnishing day is due on Wednesday, July 15, as of 12:00 at the National History and Archeology Museum in Constanta.

The exhibition which also comprises other hunting devices and trophies, rare whiskey bottles and a painting collection signed by Dimitrie Stiubei is organized by the National History and Archaeology Museum in Constanta, Artmark auction house and Constanta City Hall. The exhibition includes a Land Rover IIA series, a compass dating back in the 18th century and other marine curiosities.Land Rover

According to an Artmark press release, Ceausescu’s game bag has a reserve price of EUR 400. The legend says that every winter, the former communist ruler used to organize some initiation pheasant hunts fo the foreign diplomats accredited in Romania. The novices, in this case the foreign diplomats, used to carry a pheasant or a hunted rabbit and had to answer a question asked by „the godfather”, namely Nicolae Ceausescu. If the answer didn’t indulge him, the novices received three stick kicks, as a sign of their admission to the hunters’ brotherhood.

Other objects put up for auction are a hunting horn adorned with Romanian traditional motifs (reserve price: EUR 50), a device of making hunting bullets (EUR 40) and a stronger essence of Syndicate 58/6, 12YO Blended Scotch (EUR 32).

O hunting equipment wouldn’t be complete without a II A Land Rover, the most long-lasting off-road vehicle that has ever been produced (reserve price EUR 7,500).

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