Greceanu Cula and Teleki Castle, ready to find their owners

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As the Romanian Culture Ministry exerted its first refusal regarding historical monuments Greceanu Mansion in Maldaresti and Teleki Castle in Dumbravioara, ranked in group A of the National patrimony, Artmark Historical Estate can proceed with putting them up for sale, by auction or private transaction.

Greceanu Mansion/Cula is one of the most spectacular historical monuments in Armark Historical Estate’s portfolio. It is located in Maldaresti, Valcea County and it is the oldest “cula” in Romania (cula is a typical walled mansion built by boyars in Oltenia to defend themselves against the Ottomans’ invasions). It is erected during Mihai Viteazu reign and it is also the oldest Romanian fortress that kept its appearance unchanged after almost half of millennium. The cula has been functioning as a museum since 1956. Greceanu Cula has been offered to the state for EUR 400,000.

Teleki Castle in Dumbravioara, Mures County is one of the most pompous inherited monuments in Ardeal. The construction, which authentically respects the neo baroque style, was the residence of the noble family Teleki, one of the richest families in Ardeal during the 18th and the 19th centuries. After it was nationalized by the Communist regime, the building was turned into a school. Teleki Castle was offered to the state for EUR 450,000.

The two historical buildings have been put up for sale by their owners in early 2015.

Under the slogan “there is no future without history”, Artmark Historical Estate aims at putting forth forgotten monuments, intending to recover and preserve Romanian authentic values by finding a proper owner for them.

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