March brings four Artmark auctions, one of them exclusively dedicated to Sabin Balasa


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Artmark brings along in March a special exhibition comprising four auctions: „Blue by Sabin Balasa” auction, Avangarde Contemporary auction, Traditional Values auction and „The Golden Age” auction.

It is for the first time that such an important event on the Romanian art market is dedicated to the famous contemporary painter Sabin Balasa –an auction just for him with the most representative works of his creation. With staring prices of EUR 2,0000- very accessibile considering the artist’s liquidity- works such as „The fall’s muses”, „Nocturne”, „At the seaside”, „Icarus” will impress the visitors’ view.

Avangarde Contemporary auction is tabling an arpeggio of rich tints and renowned names of the two artistic trends climaxing in important works signed by Ion Tuculescu („The Demiurge’s eyes” estimated for EUR 40,000-60,000), Alexandru Ciucurencu („Haystacks Landscape” estimated for RON 7,000-9,000 and „Static nature with carnation” at EUR 7,000-12,000), Corneliu Baba („The mad king” estimated for RON 10,000-16,000) or Victor Man („Apple Tree” estimated for EUR 9,000-14,000).village

The Romanian traditions will be represented by a range of robes, traditional and antique objects, tools, icons, wines typical to the domestic lands and painting. From embroidered peasant blouses, Maramures or Muscel fabrics and aprons (EUR 100 as starting price), from tools typical to the village life form the end of 19th century (EUR 25 as starting price) to icons and religious objects from the 18th century (EUR 25 as starting price), the exhibition is turning into a time machine for any authentic art lover. The auction will also present several rare objects that survived more civilizations, such as the Daco-Roman recipient from 4-5th centuries (EUR 3,000 as starting price)- indexed in the section of national historic treasure patrimony, as well as two Greek recipients from the 4-5th centuries (EUR 9,000 and EUR 1,200 as starting prices).

The image of the village life is nostalgically depicted by Nicolae Grigorescu („Snowdrop” for EUR 15,000-25,000), Stefan Dimitrescu („Courtyard in Casin” estimated for EUR 9,000-16,000), Nicolae D?r?scu („Traditional static nature”- EUR 10,000-18,000) and many others.

On the other side, the image of the life in the city is represented, few years later, by artists depicting the socialist spirit that dominated the communist era.

„Golden Age” auction rejoins over 100 testimony-rations of the Ceausescu regime. Documents, photos, postings, personal objects of Ceausescus, medals and distinctions which remind of the communist life, but also of pleasant moments of the childhood and youth, such as Ci-Co poster or the Autosifon commercial, or the batch of 4 packs of Romanian 40-year-old cigarettes. The display alos reminds of the dictators Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu, from his passion for hunting to her aristocracy aspirations.ceausescu

The first two auctions are due on March 24, the last two on March 25 at Athénée Palace Hilton.

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