The 20th edition of the Night of the Museums set on May 18, 2024


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The Night of the Museums event will be organized on Saturday, May 18, and will be under the sign of the number 20. Eagerly awaited every year, especially by the general public, the Night of the Museums #20 will run throughout the day of May 18, until late at night, simultaneously with several European countries.

We will mobilize throughout the country, all to bring to the public and fans hundreds of exhibitions, cultural interventions and artistic experiments, screenings, presentations, urban installations, performances, workshops, street and indoor animations, concerts or interactive tours. We invite museums, memorial houses, galleries, but also many other types of cultural institutions, creative spaces and studios, theaters, operas, philharmonics, historical monuments, hubs for artistic innovation, arts festivals to join us so that together we can hold the nation is awake and receptive to culture, until morning” – said Dragoș Neamu, Coordinator of International Relations and Cultural Projects, RNMR.
The Night of Museums is organized by the National Network of Museums in Romania (RNMR) and has become, in the last two decades, one of the strongest cultural brands and a real social phenomenon, with audience figures hovering around one million people countrywide.
Full details about the events are available here.
In 2023, the 19th edition of the Night of Museums was organized together with cultural institutions from Moldova across the Prut and was present in more than 360 museums and spaces from 90 towns in Romania and another 9 in the Republic of Moldova. They geographically covered 38 counties and 5 districts of the neighboring country. In Bucharest, the Night of Museums was presented to the public in 65 of the most diverse cultural sites, from 34 museums, to design festivals and from houses of creation and experiments, to palaces and art galleries.

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