Theodor Aman and Stefan Luchian, among the best-sold painters in Romania in 2015


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Romanian Theodor Aman and Stefan Luchian rank among the most sought painters in 2015 on the domestic art market. Their works set auction records for Artmark and AraArt auction houses in Bucharest, after they were knocked down for over EUR 200,000.

For Artmark, the painting sold for the highest price was “Static nature with strawberries” (photo) by Theodor Aman (EUR 160.000), the painter thus climbing up to the ninth position in the top ten of the best art pieces auctioned in Romania.

Ion Țuculescu’ “Metamorphosis” was knocked down for EUR 65,000 in the best result in the past 2 years. Ion Grigorescu got EUR 15,000 for Ceaușescu couple’s masks in “Post-mortem dialogue with Ceaușescu” made when Romanian joined EU 2007.

The most sought Romanian painters by the art virtuosi at AraArt were Nicolae Tonitza, Constantin Piliuţă, Ştefan Luchian, Nicolae Vermont, Corneliu Baba, Alexandru Ciucurencu and Octav Băncilă.

The piece auctioned for the highest price was “White and red carnations” by Stefan Luchian, knocked down for EUR 26,000.

“Flowers in blue pot” by Nicolae Tonitza and “Gipsy woman with rose on her ear” by Theodor Aman were also mostly appreciated, being sold for EUR 15,000 each.

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