Museums in Romania, record visitors in 2016

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The number of museum and public collection visitors recorded in 2016 was 14.2 million persons. According to National Institute of Statistics (INS), more than half a million of them made visits free of charge during the “Night of Museums”.

Last year, the network of museums and public collections included over 400 basic units. The number of cultural and natural goods at the end of 2016 amounted to over 15 million goods, of which 14.6 million cultural goods and museum pieces and 983,000 plants and animals of botanical gardens, zoological gardens, aquaria and nature reserves.

The network of public libraries, accessible to the general public from all areas of the country and made up of county, municipal, town and communal libraries, contained, in own collections,  29.4 million titles of printed and electronic books and 46.4 million  volumes of printed books and periodicals.

The network of performing arts and concert institutions and companies included 227 units in 2016 (167 basic units and 60 branches). Performing arts institutions and companies gave more than 22.4 thousand performances, attended by 5.7 million spectators.

According to the breakdown by type of performing arts institutions and companies, in 2016 the greatest number of spectators was recorded in theatres (41.7 percent) and in the shows given by artistic ensembles, dance and entertainment bands (30.4 percent).

INS also shows that at end-2016, the cinema network included 92 normal-band cinema   units. The cinema network had 393 film projection rooms and 74.1 thousand seats.  577.5 thousand film projections took place, attended by 13 million spectators.

505 films were distributed in cinemas in 2016, of which 64 national films and 441 foreign films. The national big screen film production in 2016 included 49 films (24 fiction films produced by Romania, 14 fiction films that were co-productions, 7 documentary and  scientific films and 4 animation films (Romanian productions).

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