Music festivals to look forward to in 2019

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A small country in the east of Europe with its mesmerizing landscapes, Romania, will not disappoint nature lovers. Its lush green fields offer a picturesque view and the Balkan culture treats its visitors with great warmth. This may come as a surprise for the tourists but apart from the natural and cultural riches a lot of music festivals are lined up throughout the year.

Romania provides the perfect ambience for open air music festivals with its Mediterranean climate and spectacular scenery. Constanta, for example, a sun-soaked city banking the Black Sea is one such place. The beach, the sea and music sounds will get anyone in the groove.

Another great thing about Constanta is the famous Romanian Casino built in 1910. Now it is just a heritage site albeit among the seven most endangered ones according to the Europa Nostra’s list of 2018. Listen to Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler while visiting this place and experience the ruins come alive.

Let’s take a look at some of the best festivals that are coming up.

Untold – Cluj Napoca

Cluj Napoca is famous for hosting the largest film festival of Romania. A lot of important music festivals are also a major attraction of this place. Untold is one such festival and will be held from August 1 to 4 this year. The reputation of Untold is such that tickets and passes are being sold in large numbers even without the line-up being announced. Some big names including Martin Garrix, David Guetta and James Arthur will be performing this year.


This event is a must for those who are travelling in search of answers for existence. Dakini is held at Tuzla beach which is situated to the south of Constanta and tries to create an atmosphere apt for looking into the deep of your soul. For people looking to become more of a spiritual being through music, dance, and yoga Dakini is a must. The festival will take place from June 27 to July 1st this year.

Gărâna Jazz Festival

Gărâna Jazz Festival is one of the most popular music even in this country and has remained at the top for more than two decades. It is organized in this small village of Gărâna a place known for its natural beauty and exceptional simplicity. The best part about this festival is that it is held in the Semenic Nature Park. So not only will you be treated to famous international musicians but also the opportunity of relaxing in the calmness of nature. The festival will happen between July 11 and 14 this year.


Awake will be held in the premises of Teleki Castle in Gornesti from August 15 to 18 this year. This festival promises an experience where people can feel immersed in music. The various genres this fest features include electronic, pop and alternative music. If you are planning to visit ensure that you carry some muscle reliever because once the music starts we are sure that there will be no stopping you from head-banging.

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