“Musica Kronstadt 2017” International Festival in Brasov to pay tribute to Dinu Lipatti

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During August 2-9, Brasov will host the fourth edition of the “Musica Kronstadt 2017” International Festival, dedicated to the Dinu Lipatti centennial. The festival will bring young musicians in Brasov, while the large audicence will have the opportunity to meet the elite of the international classical musicians from the Berliner Filarmoniker, George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra, SWR Stuttgart, The Opera House from Barcelona, the Contemporary Music Ensemble from Berlin, Sonderborg Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra and Landeskapelle Eisenach.

The renowned musicians together with the participants of the “Musica Kronstadt 2017” Academy will meet the music lovers half way with 15 various concerts and over 500 art classes for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, jazz, improvisation, composition, chamber music, orchestra ensembles of woodwind, theatrical technique and corepetition.

This year about 75 students, a national record for an Academy specialized on wind instruments, are coming to Brasov to learn new techniques. The students come all around the world, Canada, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Romania.2.Agenda Baner A5 en - f

The classes of the “Musica Kronstadt 2017” Academy will be hosted by „Tudor Ciortea” vocational high school in Brasov.

We are the only educational cultural project in Brasov ranked fifth in 130 at the project contest co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund,” said Ludovic Armin Cora, the project’s founder.

This year the festival will bring along some premieres, such as the artistic interpretation contest which will give prized worth RON 4,500 to nine students, the presence of several managers of famous world producers of wind instruments’ accessories, such as KeeGee Reeds executive director, Kexun Gee, Ion Balu from Balu Music USA, Stephan Leitzinger, bassoon handicraftsman, the Buffet&Crampon Group, Michael Britton, CEO Howarth of London (oboe handicratfsman, for the third time in Brasov) or Marigaux Paris, the largest oboe producer in the world.

The project is nonprofit, while the concerts are free, and will have a streaming broadcast available at www.academyofmusic.eu.

The festival is also unique as it will provide an ad-hoc woodwind orchestra that will perform until the end of the festival.

Dinu Lipatti was a Romanian genius classic pianist and composer. Lipatti’s piano playing was, and still is, widely praised for the absolute purity of his interpretations, at the service of which he used a masterful pianistic technique. Lipatti is particularly noted for his interpretations of Chopin, Mozart and Bach. His career was prematurely cut short at the age of 33, after a painful battle with the Hodgkin’s disease.

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