Musicians of the Red Army Choir eager to taste Romanian traditional dishes

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There only four days until the first performance by the Alexandrov Ensemble, Red Army Great Choir in Romania: the first encounter with the Romanian audience is scheduled in Constanta on October 8 and the second one is due in Bucharest on October 9.

According to the organizers of the events, the Mall4Art cultural association and Rossotrudnicestvo Russian Centre of Science and Culture, the ensemble musicians are eager to come to Romania and particularly to taste our traditional food.

As they are not pretentious at all, the artists voiced intention to eat in locations that are topping the locals’ preferences.

Therefore, the members of the ensemble will go to dine in a fishery in Constanta, where they could enjoy Lipovan traditional borsch, fish meal and carp brine with polenta.

In Bucharest, the members of the Red Army Choir will go to a traditional restaurant where they taste Romanian traditional food, borsh, stuffed cabbage, stew/tochitura and cheese

Spectators will be able to listen live „Kalinka” but also chorus versions of some Beatles and Queen hits, „Yesterday”, „Twist And Shout”, „We Will Rock You” and „Show Must Go On”.

The Alexandrov Red Army Choir will perform under the baton of British conductor Matthew Freeman, while the Valahia Symphonic Orchestra will provide the background.

Tickets are still available for the first category (RON 250), second category (RON 200) and third category (RON 150). The fourth category ran out in just feew weeks.

Tickets are available at,,,,, but also at Sala Palatului booking office.

Read further details here.

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