New concert hall in sight in Bucharest. Find the location

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The Culture Ministry wants to invest EUR 55 M in a new concert hall in Bucharest including to host several performances during Enescu Festival. The hall is to be hosted by the Leonida depots in Victoriei Square, partially used by the Government at present. The new venue would host 2,400 spectators. The project will be financed by the Development Bank of the Council of Europe.

According to the Culture minister, Vlad Alexandrescu, the new concert hall will be included in a space dedicated to the contemporary art.

I have studied several locations for this concept hall. One of them is on Calea Victoriei, near Gheorghe Manu street, but there are some litigations on the plot of land. We also thought at the ground behind the Radio House, but there is a confusing legal situation out there, as well. So, we decided on a location downtown, near the Government’s building, on Aviatorilor Boulevard, the former Leonida depots,” Minister Alexandrescu said, as quoted by

The minister stated there are 14,000 square metres of land, with both depots being out of use. The official wants that the 20th century façade should be preserved and included in the new architectural design, as a sign of patrimony conservation.

The minister said there is an increasing high demand for these locations in Bucharest and the 2,400-seat concert hall would meet this demand. Alexandrescu gave the example of Poland, where seven such concert halls have been built in the past ten years.

I am hurrying to start the building procedures for my term is ending in November. If I manage to reach some irreversible results, I am convinced that my successor will be compelled to continue them,” the Culture minister said.

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