No success for “No pants subway ride” in Bucharest

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Only a few Bucharesters ventured to take part in “No pants subway ride” event on Sunday, although 1,000 persons announced their presence on Facebook. Several youngsters in boxers gathered at the entrance of Unirii subway station, near Manuc’s Inn around 3 p.m. and they traveled by the tube to have fun and to show they are bold enough to make this move in public.

State-owned subway company Metrorex has not consented to the No Pants Subway Ride event, informing that those disturbing the public order or who are indecent will be fined, however this thing did not happen.

No Pants Subway Ride event has taken place at international level since 2002, when it first happened in New York, at the initiative of Improve Everywhere.

This year, over 60 cities in the world attended the daring project with Bucharest taking part in in for the first time.



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