Novels by Israeli authors, best sellers at Bookfest

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The books written by the Israeli authors present at this year’s edition at Bookfest are topping the best-sold titles at the fair the past weekend, the statistics of the publishing houses reveal.

Pain”, the most recent translation in Romania from Zeruya Shalev’s works, tops the ranking on the best-sold fiction books at Polirom and ranked second in the general top of the publishing house. “Pain” translated in Romanian by Gheorghe Miletineanu was described by the la Der Spiegel  as Zeruyei Shalev’s best novel. You can read an exclusive interview with Zeruya Shalev on Romania Journal in the upcoming days.

The best sold fiction title at Humanitas Fiction is also a book by an Israeli author: “Judas” by Amos Oz, translated in Romanian by Ioana Petridean. The novel is resuming the traitor’s figure and the betrayal concept.bestseller_israel_bookfest-2

Jews and words” by Amos Oz and his eldest daughter Fania Oz-Salzberger, who was one of the guests of honor at Bookfest 2016, is among the best sold titles of the publishing house. Fania Oz-Salzberger attended no less than 3 events at Bookfest.

The only translation from Meir Shalev’s work, “The Russian Novel”, also in the top of best-sold titles, received readers’ enthusiast reviews on the spot at Bookfest. He met the readers at Bookfest on June 3. Novelist and journalist, Shalev’s books have been translated into 26 languages.

Dror Mishani’s “The Missing File” topped the sales of detective novels at Trei publishing house. The “The Missing File” was finalist of the prestigious CWA International Dagger Award in 2013. Recounted from different perspectives, Mishani’s novel is rich in upside downs, questioning concepts related to innocence and guilt, as well as the truth’s doubtful nature. Luminita Gavrila signed the Romanian translation.

Overall, the organizers and the publishing houses reported higher sales at this year’s edition than the previous one in 2015.

“Compared to last year, we saw sales higher by 10 percent,” said Mihai Mirica, the executive manager of the Romanian Publishers Association. 100,000 people visited Bookfest 2016.

Mirica explained that the rise came from the area of bookd for children but also from Israel’s good performance, as the guest of honor of the 2016 edition.

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