October 2015 Horoscope

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Aries October 2015 Horoscope – Money issues to be in the spotlight at the end of the month

The astrological aspects active in the first decade of the month request a fix of some of your relationships, either it’s about marriage or business collaboration. There are opportunities to discuss old unsolved issues, in order to solve them once for all after October 9, when Mercury will go direct again through Libra. Therefore, it’s essential to take those chances for … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Taurus October 2015 Horoscope – Collaborations, duties and partnership-related issues

It would be best for the Taurus natives to profit by the first decade of the month in order to understand the approach of their colleagues or subordinates at workplace and how tasks can be shared in the fairest manner. Other daily duties at home or concessions/sacrifices made for a close one you are in the position to take care of – all those are issues to be re-discuss and understand, as well. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Gemini October 2015 Horoscope – To set long term goals linked to love and children

It is advisable to use the first decade of the month for re-discussing issues that you feel are not quite fair for both parts or that are not sustainable on a long time basis in your love affair. The issue of having or not having children, the proper time to have them – those are subjects that can be debated in the above mentioned time. Having those matters clarified, the new Moon in Libra on October 13, 2015 is inviting the Gemini natives to … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Cancer October 2015 Horoscope – New goals in the family life aimed at your much needed stability

You should be wise and take advantage of the first decade of the month in order to understand the approach of your close ones to the family life, especially the approach of your husband/wife. Old issues require re-discussions and, perhaps, renegotiations are needed for new terms of cohabitation, hopefully fairer ones. However, you must pay attention to how you communicate (not only at the beginning of October, but the whole month long) as I see there a tendency for … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Leo October 2015 Horoscope – Surprising news to come for Leo. Struggle for safety and predictability

The first decade of the month seems full of discussions and unpredictable meetings that might prove to be difficult to be kept in a formal, elegant manner. Moreover, the astrological aspects suggest you must take care of papers, eventually look for an important one that you’ve lost long time ago. It’s also possible to encounter old friends or partners. Take advantage of this mentioned time to be empathic in communication and so to understand … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Virgo October 2015 Horoscope – Virgos to struggle making the most out of your resources

During October, you seem very determined to do all jobs in your way: systematically, responsibly, paying attention to details, following strict rules, using scarce resources for good outcome. It can be very helpful and rewarding, especially if those manners of working help your talents to reach their best. But the same traits will hardly fit with the others’ possibilities or availability. An issue to watch out this month is … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Libra October 2015 Horoscope – Your elegancy to be challenged by partners

I am not going to lie to you. This is a challenging month even for a moderate individuals like the Libra natives. During the first decade of the month, your inclination to reach agreements with everyone around you might push you to the limits of tolerance, diplomacy and courtesy. Taking the risk of shocking people, you need however to discuss some issues dragging on for much time. Avoiding to cross the t’s is … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Scorpio October 2015 Horoscope – Social life to be full of restrictions

In spite of the fact that some relationship-related issues urge you to re-discuss them, it will prove to be difficult to proceed to do so. New terms are required in order for you to continue certain partnerships, but your eagerness to do everything in your own way, to control negotiations and, consequently, to control their results will make you feel captive whenever concessions are required of you. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Sagittarius October 2015 Horoscope – Career and social life continue to have your attention

The first decade of the month requires from you to rethink your adhesion to some social circles, groups, organisations functioning around a common interest. At the same time, some of your friendships might face misunderstandings and troubling changes that, in the worst case scenario, will come along with hard words which will be regretted later.  But apart from the eventual upsets, what you need to understand is … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Capricorn October 2015 Horoscope – New career goals for Capricorn in October

Collaborations and partnerships that used to provide you with power and visibility in career need a few readjustments in the first decade of the month. Moreover, it’s very possible that alliances with people involved in dubious businesses to affect you, as well. Anyway, you must see exactly which are your role and position in any partnership that could make an impact on … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Aquarius October 2015 Horoscope – To dare without ending relationships, this is the challenge for Aquarians

To make yourselves clear and to stand up for an idea you believe in is a real challenge for anyone. For you, the astrological context indicates circumstances that will prove some beliefs referring especially to social relationships need to be reanalysed. You will see how consistent can be a relationship for your social prominence. Or not. Read the full horoscope on the original source.

Pisces October 2015 Horoscope – Relationships seem too restrictive to Pisceans

The Pisces natives don’t cope well with restrictions anyway, but this month brings quite rough time in this regard. Demands are so high from your husband/wife or other partners’ part, so that your feedback will usually consist of escaping. Rules, schedules, tasks, so many details to deal with – all become reasons for you to run away from responsibilities. But the more you will try to escape, the more … Read the full horoscope on the original source.

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