Odeon Theatre to host flamenco performance on Spain’s National Day

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Spain’s Embassy and Cervantes Institute in Bucharest are organising a flamenco music and dance performance at the Odeon Theatre on October 8, 7 p.m. The show entitled “Fluye” is performed by guitarist José María Gallardo del Rey and dancer Ana Morales.

The performance is held on the occasion of Spain’s National Day, celebrated on October 12. It combines flamenco parts, such as bolero, fandango and soleá, with some of the most known Spanish classics such as Sevilla by Isaac Albéniz, Farruca by Manuel de Falla or Folk Songs by Federico García Lorca.

Tickets are available online at www.teatrul-odeon.ro or at the Odeon Theatre’s booking office on  40-42 Calea Victoriei,  from Monday to Sunday, 11:30hrs-19:00, with a recess from 14:30hrs to 15:00hrs.

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