Over 277,000 fans attended the 5th edition of NEVERSEA


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The last night of the anniversary edition of the most beautiful and colorful beach festival in Europe, Neversea, was unique, with lots of incredible moments and with national and international artists and DJs delivering epique shows.

Neversea Festival managed to offer a perfect mix of musical genres, and over the 4 days of the festival, 277,000 fans enjoyed the musical diversity, the sea, the sunrise and memorable experiences, together with friends and the more than 150 of artists from the lineup of the four days of the festival.

“LOCO CON NEVERSEA”, this is how the live performance of one of the most anticipated artists in the line-up of this edition, the Colombian J Balvin, who had a total show, could be described.

The most listened to Latino artist on the Spotify platform, winner of three Grammy awards, the man behind the most viewed video of a Latino artist of all time on the YouTube platform, the Colombian J Balvin, “The Prince of Modern Reggaeton”, reached the first date in Neversea and conquered his fans with a perfect live.

The tens of thousands of fans on the mainstage enjoyed every moment, sang and danced like a real “Latino gang”. Balvin interacted with the audience throughout and invited a Neversea fan on stage, with whom she sang “LA CANCIÓN” (J Balvin & Bad Bunny).

“I feel at home here, I have the feeling that I am Romanian and I could live here. Thank you and I love you!”, these were the words addressed to the fans of the Neversea festival by J Balvin. As with every live appearance, the Colombian signed the famous sneaker, which he then gave to a fan in the audience.As a token of appreciation for festival fans, J Balvin premiered a track he is about to release as an official single, and the crowd went wild. Everyone on the mainstage asked for an “encore”, and Balvin answered in the affirmative. The Colombian sang the song he collaborated on with Bad Bunny and Cardi B, the single “I Like It”, a song with over 1.7 billion streams on Spotify.

Another moment that took beach fun to another level was Salvatore Ganacci’s set. A nonconformist artist, the Swede was the “spot of color” of the anniversary edition of the Neversea festival. It wasn’t just a DJ set, it was a visual spectacle, Ganacci’s dance moves and jokes drew roars of laughter. Being on a promotion tour for the new album, “Take Me To America”, Salvatore included a premiere, the new single “Your Mother”, in the live from the mainstage.

Techno legend Paul Kalkbrenner managed to mesmerize his fans. A 90-minute live set, an emotional journey through the underground techno culture, and the audience enjoyed every beat. Everyone sang along as Kalbrenner included an iconic production,,, Sky and Sand” in his live set. It was a genuine moment of joy for the German DJ, but also for the tens of thousands of people on the mainstage.

At the end of the show, Paul Kalkbrenner bowed to the Neversea fans, for whom he remained on stage for an encore.

Each of the four days of the Neversea festival were a joy for the fans who enjoyed the artists arriving for the first time in Romania.

The organizers have officially launched the possibility to register for the 2024 edition: http://neversea.com/register

All Neversea fans can sign up to be the first to get season tickets at a special price. All those who register on the platform and complete the questionnaire will benefit from ONE 100 RON VOUCHER that they can use to purchase the festival subscription.

See you inn 2024!

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