Over 40 Russian ballet ice skaters in Bucharest for the Swan Lake ballet on ice in January

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The Swan Lake ballet on ice show returns to Bucharest on January 14, at 8 p.m. Already known, the Russian ballet ice skaters, members of the Saint Petersburg State Ballet on Ice will bring to life the most beloved love story to the beat of Tchaikovsky.

The ballet ice skaters performing in Bucharest  are: Maksim Kudriavtcev, Oleg Iagubkov, Oleg Kim, Vera Osipenko, Ekaterina Kostromina, Evgeniia Cherpakova, Oleg Kim, Daniil Pushkarev, Sergei Golodnev, Iurii Pototckii, Vedernikov Danil , Anastasiia Trifonova, Sergei Golodnev , Viacheslav Vodopianov, Aleksei Em, Daria Kapustinskaia, Ekaterina Filatova, Mariia Stepanova, Evgeniia Cherpakova, Aleksandra Igolkina, Aleksandra Igolkina, Evgeniia Cherpakova,  Ekaterina Kostromina, Ekaterina Filatova, Kseniia Lavda, Maria Stepanova, Bespalova Iuliia, Maria Stepanova, Iuliia Bespalova, Kseniia Lavda , Aleksandr Zavatskov, Igor Shelopaev, Inga Ragozina, Aleksandra Igolkina, Ekaterina Filatova, Kseniia Lavda, Ekaterina Filatova, Maria Stepanova, Georgii Baranov, Danil Vedernikov, Maria Berezovskaia, Natalia Ivanova, Evgeniia Cherpakova, Daria Kapustinskaia, Aleksei Em, Viacheslav Vodopianov. Choreographer Konstantin Rassadin, the organizers from the German Quality Entertainment informed.

Tickets, ranging from RON 349 (Princess category), RN 249 (Prince), to RON 149 (White Swan) and RON 99 (Black Swan) are available on eventim.ro!

The Swan Lake premiered at Balshoi Theatre in Moscow on March 4, 1877. The company “Saint-Petersburg Classical Ballet of Andrey Batalov” was founded by Batalov in 2014.

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