Parfums de Marly launches his 26th perfume in Bucharest: Kalan, exclusively in Obsentum stores

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A  new perfume of Parfums de Marly, has been launched in the Obsentum store in Baneasa Shopping City on Thursday, in the presence of Thibaut Desbazeille, Regional Sales Manager Parfums de Marly (Europe/Russia) and tens of guests from mass media and show-biz. KALAN is the latest perfume of House of Marly, a unisex Oriental spicy fragrance, released this year. Parfums de Marly and Kalan are exclusively available in the Obsentum stores.

Some people asked me, KALAN is more masculine , or feminine? But the truth is the perfume is really unisex. Try it, it is surprising, it is unique, it has orange scents, it is very spicy at the same time, with tones of moss, wood. A perfume has to be beautiful in and out, to be for everybody, we tried to put all out key forces into this fragrance,” said Thibault Desbazeille at the Obsentum event, presented by Anca Sina Serea.

The Parfums de Marly House has an affinity for historical scents inspired by nature, history , royalty, all in all by the 18th century that celebrated the peak of the French elegance.

The perfume is a temporal capsule. I have always been fascinated by the 18th century, when horses and fragrance used to be France’s pride and glory”, used to say Julien Sprecher, founder of Parfums de Marly, a French perfumery house established in 2009 out of passion inspired by Julien’s father, who used to be Guerlain representative for Middle East region.

The name of the perfume house derives from The Château de Marly, which was a French royal residence. Louis XV’s court, also nicknamed the  „la cour parfumée” due to the king’s passion for perfumes, has thus become a benchmark for the current Marly perfume house.

So, the royal court and the king’s passion for perfumes, but also for horses, for the pure blood stallions, have also inspired the KALAN perfume, released this year.

Embodied by a passionate flaming red bottle, KALAN is noble, strong and charismatic, just like the eponymous breed horse, one of the famous pure blood races owned by Louis XV, which was known for its vigour and agility.

Yes, you can be strong and sensitive at the same time, you can love classic perfumerie while being attracted by the modern touches. Kalan is a return, an initially vain scent, but which is allowing itself to be gradually conquered”,  Julien Sprecher said about Kalan, the 26th essence of his business.

Here are some of the perfume’s descriptions.

„The accord between lavender and orange blossom absolute is released, evoking the majesty of French formal gardens.”

Intense and subtle at once – Kalan surprises with a sparkling opening, blending black pepper and spices with fresh notes of blood orange. The fragrance is embodied through a heart of orange blossom and lavender, while it evolves as facets of white sandalwood unfold and drape into notes of moss and precious wood.”

KALAN top notes: blood orange, black pepper, spices; middle notes: lavender and orange blossom; base notes: white sandalwood, moss, woody notes, amber and tonka bean.

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