Passes for ‘George Enescu’ International Festival 2015 on sale as of January 15

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Th 22nd edition of the festival’s edition takes place between August 30 and September 20 2015 and will host 58 concerts in 22 days.

Enescu festival only happens once every two years and tickets are usually sold out. This year passes are available starting  January 15, 2015 at 10:00 AM, online on or in Eventim international offices and International web shops throughout Europe. Single tickets will be available from February 16 2015, 10:00 AM.

Some of the world’s most famous conductors, soloists, symphonic orchestras and chamber ensembles will perform in Bucharest on this very special occasion and competitions will be held for piano, violin and voice. More than five out of 10 considered the most important orchestras in the world will be present at the festival.

San Francisco Symphony comes for the first time in Romania – September 6 / 7 from 19:30 at Palace Grand Hall, conductor MICHAEL THILSON THOMAS, Wang – piano.

Bucharest Chamber Orchestra on September 12 from 16:30 at the Small Palace Hall, conductor Madalin Voicu, soloists Pierre Amoyal and Stefan Tarara – winner of the ‘George Enescu’ Competition – 2014.

London Symphony Orchestra on September 8 / 9 from 20:00 at Grand Palace Hall, conductor Ion Marin, soloist Lars Vogt – piano.

Wiener Philharmoniker  on September 15 / 16 from 19:30 at Grand Palace Hall, conductor Semyon Bychkov, soloist Elisabeth Kulman – soprano.

Royal Liverpool Symphony Orchestra on September 17 / 18 from 20:00 at Grand Palace Hall, conductor Vasily Petrenko, soloist Alexandru Tomescu – violin.

‘Madrigal’ National Choir on August 30 from 22:30 at Romanian Athenaeum, conductor Voicu Popescu.

The complete program of the festival and info on how to get tickets are also available in the Festival brochure and on and

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