Photon – a comprehensive lesson about the phenomenon of life

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The last screening within this year’s edition of the Documentary Mondays at Czech Centre provides a breathtaking cinema experience.

„Photon” documentary has been described by the critics as a very ambitious sum of the human knowledge, which combines a fantastical visual perspective with a voice-over sprinkled with gallows humor in places. Photon”, the second feature documentary film by director Norman Leto (Łukasz Banach) and narrated by actor Andrzej Chyra, will be screened on Monday, June 11, at 8 p.m. at the Czech Center HQs.

“Photon” explains the creation of the universe, starting from the early times of the outer space, of the stars and planets. The story goes on to the second part, „Life”, with narrator Andrzej Chyra providing explanations about the origin of life, and about what still remains unknown for us.

The sci-fi avant-garde documentary signed by Normal Leto is by far an ambitious, enchanting journey through the history of Universe, from Bing Bang to the quantum revolution and so on.

Inspired by the famous author David Deutsch’s works  (The Beginning of Infinity, The Fabric of Reality), Leto impresses  his audience with a complex, but fascinating essay about the mysteries of the Earth and of the outer space. His theories are delivered through a slightly amusing voice-over and are accompanied by CGI animations with waves and particles, illustrating abstract scientific  concepts  such as Higgs field, through 3D blueprints.

The film has been concluded within a five-year time, mixing modern science explanations with shots from the life of the director’s parents captured during their day-to-day activities.

The Romania Journal is supporting the event as media partner.

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